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We incorporate the animated short film "Ovo", directed by Stiv Spasojevic.

We announce the addition of the animated short film entitled "Ovo", directed by French filmmaker Stiv Spasojevic and produced by Images Production.

A guaranteed success with this wonderful work of 3D CGI animation, with a duration of 6:40 minutes, where a dazzling artistic work is combined to give rise to an original story with a universal message of friendship and beauty, in a tone of comedy, fantasy and science fiction.

Spectacular animation work where the script by Santiago Pajares shines together with the direction by Stiv Spasojevic and the cinematography by Nicolas Beauchamp.

The synopsis of the short film is presented as follows: This is the story of the encounter between an amazing robot from outer space and an adorable little bird just hatched from the egg...

We are now starting with the Distribution in the best Festivals!



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