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LINE UP - Film Agency
Rates Table
LINE UP credit system


Updated rate: June 2024

Our LINE UP credit system has been updated as follows:

The minimum investment is 219,45 €* (25 LINE UP credits)

There is no monthly fee in LINE UP, you just choose the LINE UP credit mode you are most interested in and you decide the rate of distribution and the rate of acquisition of LINE UP Credits.

25 LINE UP credits - 219,45 €*
A maximum of 50 submissions, depending on fee discounts **
(Recommended for one and a half / two months of Distribution)

50 LINE UP credits - 417,90 €*

A maximum of 100 submissions, depending on fee discounts **
(Recommended for 2-3 months of Distributorship)**

100 LINE UP credits - 745,5 €*
A maximum of 200 submissions, depending on fee discounts **
(Recommended for 4-6 months of Distributorship)

200 LINE UP credits - 1386 €*

A maximum of 400 submissions, depending on fee discounts **
(Recommended for 6-8 months of Distributorship)

300 LINE UP credits - 1984,5 €*
A maximum of 600 submissions, depending on fee discounts **
(Recommended for a full year of Distributorship)

* Prices exclude VAT and income tax, where applicable.

** NOTE: For those festivals that discount or waive the fees, more LINE UP credits will be discounted as consideration for the management with the Festival and the fee savings. Depending on the amount of the fees, according to this table, the following consideration will be applied:


NEW (for new customers):

fee savings between 0 to 10 €: 0,50 LINE UP credits
fee savings between 10 to 20 €: 1 LINE UP credits
fee savings between 20 to 25 €: 1,50 LINE UP credits
fee savings over 25 €: 3 LINE UP credits (in this case the total consideration will be 3 LINE UP credits)

LINE UP CREDIT SYSTEM: Distribute your short film on six continents!

Tell us what kind of distribution you want to do: National, European, International...

Whether it's submission by platforms, VIMEO links...


NEW (for new customers):

Each online submission will be exchanged for 0,50 LINE UP credits.  That is to say, 5 entries of this type will correspond to 2 LINE UP credits.

Regardless of the nationality of the Festival and adapting to the progressive change of online platforms and new submissions systems, as an alternative to postal mailings we change our rates in a revolutionary way.

When you use up or are close to using up your LINE UP credits, we will inform you, but we will not oblige you to pay for more. You can renew your credits whenever you want.  LINE UP Credits do not expire.


A few years ago we inaugurated a section that was in high demand by our clients. If you have a feature film, you can count on us.

We offer you a monthly flat rate for 220 € + VAT, with a minimum permanence of 6 months.

This flat rate covers an average of 20 festivals per month, that is, 120 festivals in total. Send us your proposal to know more information to


We will create private Google Docs that we will share with you so that you can keep track of your submissions, credit consumption and submissions status!

If you prefer to tell us which national and international festivals you want to submit your short film to, you must provide us with the list.

If you do not provide us with the list, we will enter your short film in the festivals where your short film will fit best. We will get going, you can trust us.

Tell us if you prefer your short film to be entered or not in festivals that require an online submission.

Tell us if you prefer your short film to be or not to be entered in online competition festivals.

Let us know if you prefer to enter your short film in Festivals that ask for an Entry Fee.*
* If you are interested in this option, you will have to pay in advance the Entry Fee of the festival you wish to enter.

LINE UP - Flm Agency, a distributor of short films A la Carte

The distribution of a short film requires an individual strategy from the very beginning.

If you want to bet on your work and you do not have time to do it or maybe you do not know about national or international distribution of short films, trust us completely, in LINE UP - Film Agency we put at your service all our knowledge to help and advise you.

Don't leave your short film forgotten in a drawer, it's time to share your stories with the public at Festivals and compete for Awards, how? Getting official selections or as the Anglo-Saxons say: getting into the Line-Up of the best National and International Festivals.

You will be able to be part of the short film industry. Short film industry? Yes, don't hold your hands over your head, we have many examples of short filmmakers who have already made their distribution profitable thanks to our work.

We study the niche of your work so that you can make it profitable with economic prizes.

Our services have a very clear purpose: to turn the Producer's work into a profitable work.


Once your short film has been selected, we will forward you the information we have received from the Festival and we will promote your selection on LINE UP - Film Agency's social networks (Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn).

From this moment on, we will be in charge of providing the Festival with the requested material online (DCP, H264, etc.) These materials will have been previously collected. (We do not offer the sending of materials by mail, when it is mandatory by the Festival and it will be the client who will have to provide it).

If you are invited to a Festival, we will forward you all the information we receive from the Festival, so that you can easily coordinate with the festival and make your work easier.

If you win an award with your short film, we will promote it on social networks, congratulations! We do not charge any commission, the prize is yours alone.

Nothing else. It's very simple, you decide if you want to start distributing your short film worldwide, European or nationally for a very affordable price.

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